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This year came so quickly - where did 2021 go? So much happened that I don’t think I can list it all here. But I will try using bullet points


  • Got my professional adjusters license

  • Purposed to my now wife

  • Got a promotion at my job

  • Moved to GA

  • Joining the atl mosque of the Nation of Islam

  • Looked for a house and planned my wedding

  • Was approved for a loan but was too low for the size and area I wanted

  • Found a location for the wedding

  • Did premarital counseling

  • Had a wedding shower

  • Found a rental house big enough for my family

  • Moved in a week before the wedding

  • Made it through the wedding with no big issue - the wedding was nice

  • Went on a honeymoon to the beach in FL

  • Finished moving into the house

  • Everyone works from home and home school