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Black American VS Corona Virus

"This is not a test, this is not a test, this is a real-life or death state of emergency. [...] 1 out 10 Americans are black, 1 out of 2 of the corona fatalities are black. We're in trouble my people, we have to come together, we have to communicate, they're not gonna give us any time on the news, they're not gonna come up with solutions for us we have to come up with our solutions," Sean Combs says on his Instagram feed. ( full clip) below


With that being said and the base of this post, black people must look at ourselves as a nation within a nation

Those things sound good but when it comes to our health we are leading the nation in chronic issues (cancer, asthma, diabetes, etc). We are the ones most likely to not have adequate health care, or even worse, to not have health care at all and this was going on way before the virus hit the western hemisphere.