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Black Anger

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

I write this with anger for what's been happening to black people, ever since the coronavirus hit, exposing how vulnerable we are medically and economically. Now once the stay at home orders have been lifted in certain cities, the so-called police are back to brutality, like they were making up for lost time. Videos show police aggressively enforcing social distancing and mask-wearing suggestions by the CDC in black neighborhoods while being friendly and not enforcing them in white neighborhoods.

This shows another issue Black people have been suffering - Police terrorism. Ever since the runaway slave militias, white men and women have been paid and trained to keep us in line, meaning forcing us back into slavery or killing us. So here we are today in 2020, where so-called police can kill us while we're unarmed and not fighting back at all. Now they have always beaten, shot, and terrorized us, but always under the cover of night or without cameras documenting. We tell our stories but no one outside the black community would believe how bad we get it. The update to that is they are caught on camera doing it. Video recordings have been popping up in the last 30 years (remember Rodney King) showing in detail our murders in real-time for minor traffic offenses or nothing at all, just for being black, as we would say.


George Floyd is the latest brother to be murdered on tape in a way that hurt deep in our souls. Then the cops were not arrested and the prosecutor said he didn't see a reason to make an arrest yet. That poured gas on the fired-up anger of the black nation and people took to the streets. A few days later the so-called policeman was finally arrested but not on 1st-degree murder but 3rd-degree murder, more gas poured on the fire of black anger.

Over 20 cities are protesting for justice. The news catches it all including when the police use tear gas and shoot rubber bullets into crowds, an abuse of power again. Fires and turned over cars a