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Black Solution

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

With the cry for justice from Black America most wanna know what we should be doing because what we've been doing has not been working at all. Marching, Protesting, Praying, Screaming, Fighting. But we still end up here again - victims of white supremacy/racism with no justice, peace, freedom, or equality.


I had the same question when Mike Brown was murder by Darren Wilson. So I went looking for how I can help in getting black liberation and not just marching for a few nights and that's it but an active 24/7 program with goals, structure, protocols, chain of command, aims, mission, etc. Most answers and programs I found didn't go deep enough or they just repeated the same thing, meaning it will have the same outcome.


Then I found The Nation of Islam. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said we need a nation of our nation, that it's better to teach separation than prayer. This blew me away because that’s thinking in terms of us having a nation, ruled and controlled by black people.


There are a lot of black nationalist groups - The most famous was led by Marcus Garvey but our great brother passed away in 1940. So today that kind of work, on that level, is led by The Nation of Islam.