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Blog Purpose

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

So, you may ask, What is the purpose of my blog? I will post on various topics from history, current/personal events and topics that you suggest. It will be presented in a blog-style where each post will deal with a topic and I will give my commentary. This will be information that is 100% factual but can be interpreted subjectively. For example, I'm 6 feet tall and you can say I'm a tall guy, but others could say you're not that tall compared to someone that is 7 feet tall.

I'm striving to cultivate a core audience-members to visit the site weekly. I encourage you to read, comment and share your personal truth. The next phase is to create a podcast video and or purely audio. In the third phase, I will introduce and promote products I either produce or cosign for use. The products will be a separate part of the site where you can browse and buy. This enables me to establish a platform from which I can be of service to others. As an entrepreneur, I will not be subject to a company that may expect me to compromise my principles and morals or that would leave me jobless. So please join me on the road to fulfilling my vision one step at a time to be a self-made business owner while giving and teaching people truth that will enlighten and inspire them to be better.

What are your thoughts and suggestions??