Dating VS Courtship

I talk to a lot of friends about their pursuit for a partner and most of them say it's too hard to find someone they can trust.

I reflect on how I was before becoming a student of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. When it came to relations with women, I was what the young say now is ratchet or mixxy. Because I was a fornicator and an adulterer, I promoted that lifestyle and encouraged women to do so with me. Media and social engineering caused me to think being a man was having as many women as possible. The movie stars did it, the celebrities did it, the musicians did it, the hip-hop artist did it, the drug dealers did it. So wanting to be cool and hip with the times, I did the same as they did. I didn't have any other example of a cool and respected man in the streets who was faithful to a woman. If there was I didn't see him or wasn't aware of him. So with that as a backdrop of the first 30 years of my life, I understand when my sisters and brothers complain to me they are not meeting someone that are serious about settling down - they are liars and cheats. I can't disagree with them because it's true. The dating and nightlife scene is a circus. A lot of acts going on but no one is honest with what they really want from the other. Men lie to women about who they really are and that they just want to get between her knees. A lot of women now are sick of it and are the ones lying and cheating now. Even worse, they don't want to settle down anymore, they just want to “live their best life” as the saying goes.

So now that I’m conscious and under divine law and structure, there is no fornication or adultery. There is also no dating in the Nation of Islam under the leadership of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. So how to find a mate you ask, it's called courtship.

Courtship is a process of finding someone you feel you can be married to and start a family with. Notice the goal is marriage not sex or someone you just have fun with. During that process there is no hugging, kissing or sex at all - its prohibited. Why? Because you can't make the right choice on who will be your spiritual life mate if the flesh is distracting from your ability to reason about the facts of what you want and if they are able to give it to you in the long run. Just like in real court you bring the evidence to prove your case. To prove your worth to be a wife or husband, it's required to bring actual facts about you and your life. Also the once in courtship you should be allowed to question those people close to your court-mate as well as those that were in a relationship with them before. Also the male will need to disclose his finances and credit report. Outings are you have a chaperone, another married couple is there to make sure y’all keep the law and boundaries set to make sure you are making a logical decision. After 3-6 months of following the courtship process both parties should know if they want to pursue marriage or call off the courtship because they feel it wont work.

For me that is the best solution to the issue we face of trying to find a mate to marry. Because everyone is not on the same page out there, everyone is making up what they want as they go. So I knew I wasn't gonna find real love in that, there was no way I was gonna get married and if I did I was gonna lie and cheat because I felt she would be doing the same. Then when I became conscious cleaning up my life, no smoking, drinking, clubbing, chasing sex etc. It made it even harder to find someone because most females I came across wanted to continue in that lifestyle and there was no way I was gonna force them to stop. So when I came across The nation of Islam I found a structure that encourages and enforced exactly what I wanted and needed to find my soul mate.

So let me know how you feel about the way relationships are nowadays?

How do you feel about the dating scene?

Do you feel you will get married?

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