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Dear brothers

It's time we step up our principles as men. We are using our oppressors' way of life as a standard to how we should live, which was and is a setup. Black Men lie, cheat, get high drunk, disrespect our women and kill to emulate white gangsters. The system will praise and pay us to do this on our own. Look at the black ghettos in America, it's contained to that location, in music and entertainment, they push the thug drug dealing player as the cool guy.


Why? Because of all of these things I mentioned a child can do or beast in human form. There are also health issues related to drinking it's toxic slows down your brain and affects your biology. Drugs are the same, I lost my father to heroin addiction so I was never taught that kind of stuff. Chasing sex, trust, and psychological issues with self and others to the point where we don't want to be in a loving relationship at all we rather pleasure over responsibility.

Our principles should be disciplined towards honorable goals to help protect and provide for our families, community, nation and the world over because when we died, what will we leave in place for the next generation?


Your brother