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Family photo

Peace blog family, So I did a family photo shoot recently and here is a photo my wife pick to post on social media. I also posted it on my social media pages. But I didn't even think to post it on my blog until now smh. Here it is below with me and my wife's social media captions


Happy Saviours’ Day family!! ✨✨✨ I have been missing in action since I am going through changes and learning to guard my peace....(Wonderful changes) It's all about evolving, transitioning and working on some upcoming goals and projects. It’s a lot juggling spirituality, family, work, business, ambitions, yet I can’t complain because I am not doing this alone. Allah is very much present. I have an entire support system rocking with me and I am forever grateful. I will be back soon on this Disaster Readiness project and I pray for blessings from you all. Peace🤲🏾✨#blackhistorymonth #FAMILY #Mommy #wife #love #black #blacklove


This is a #Muhammad/#Farrakhan production We are striving hard in Allah's (God's) way to build a black/ righteous nation but you can't have a nation without family. The family is the cornerstone of the nation, so here we are putting the work in and inspiring others to do the same (Ps 1 son is missing, so we are doing another shoot when he comes to visit again) #fatherof8 #babyontheway #Blacklove #blackfamily #blacknation