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Fathers day 2020

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Another year goes by and I reflect on fatherhood on fathers day. I have been wrestling for 7 years with fatherhood. Mine passed away when I was 9 years old and then i became one at 26 years old. Father to me wasn't really necessary because my mother and grandmother raised me and most of my friends growing up didn't have a father in the home. So since I was able to do it without one I didn't realize the great value and importance of one. But as my son got older and he needed more, I didn't have it to offer him. When I hit 30 years old I questioned my life and what I was doing with it and what I was going to give my son. At that point, I realized if I had a father I would have had an idea or, even better, someone to ask. Who better than who you came from. So I needed a man in real life to set a good standard of what a father is. But most elder men were too arrogant and talked down to the younger generation. So I looked to black men in history - Fredrick Douglas, Booker T, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, etc. I studied them and their lives. They were all married with children - fathers. They lived by principles of service to their people. They were not chasing the nightlife. So it raised me up out of the low lifestyle, drinking, fornication, adultery, sex. Now I want to acquire knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.


Now at 37 years old, I have found a father in real life that I can use as a standard and example for my life. That man is The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I have studied him for the last 5 years and everything I was needing in a father figure I found in him and more.

I will give a quote of one of his speeches on fatherhood:

“If God made man in His own image and after His own likeness, then the example of a father is God.

“Every human being needs a father, but most humans who are fathers don’t generally know how to be that. We think that the sperm that is emitted that produces life makes us a father, but the sperm that produces physical life is what starts a man on the journey to prove what he has learned up to that point that prepares him to be a father.”


The minister raised the standard of a father to God himself. So now I have no excuse for not knowing how to be a father with these two references The most high God and The minister. A father is a provider, protector, guide, and helper. Taking on that job now is more than just being there physically, it's about being able to show a living principle. Provide my son with the right education, righteous morals, motivation, self-esteem, and self-love. Protecting him from the wicked tricks of this world is to prepare him to face them with truth and without fear. Economics is also needed. My son told me he wants to be an engineer, so I must lay at his feet all the tools for him to be one. let me stop this post here. I don't want to make it to long and to bore you…..