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Man. Husband. Father.

I got married on 5/8/21 to my beautiful wife and her 6 children, with my son making it 7 children. Getting married after courtship means having to be the leader of a family overnight. It's a lot of weight to bear at once. Thankfully the Nation of Islam’s teaching, training and laws guide and help me bear it. As a man of God, I was given authority by him, if I submit to his will, to be the head of the family, the provider, and protector and that is not an easy job in this world. Prayer and study help a lot to keep me going strong with no complaints.


The weight of being a man in this world is like having 1,000 lbs on the bench pressed while holding it up and no one can help you lift it. To drop it or put it down is to abort your responsibilities as a man. This is something I never want to do. Being a righteous strong man husband and father is the standard in how I want to live my life.


So it is necessary to learn from those that have been and are doing it. There is support and encouragement but the responsibility is solely on me to live and be it.

The worries and concerns are always there some days better than others. Always knowing that success and failures will be placed at my feet.

I accept the challenge!