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Ramadan 2022

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

It’s another year and Ramadan is here the holy month where the Muslims all over the world fast from eating and drinking during the daylight hours. We also are not allowed to argue/fight and must feed the homeless, among other things. This is my 5th year fasting because I registered as a Muslim in The Nation of Islam in 2018.


This year I'm doing it with my family. My wife and most of our Children get up at 4:30am to wash up for prayer. We sit at the kitchen table. My wife and I drink water, coffee and tea. The Ramadan prayer line will be on while doing this, giving us more insight into Ramadan and Islam. After that call ends the Quran reading line begins. My wife reads on that line every morning she is able to. Some of the children fast with us also although some days they can’t hang. but I challenged them to fast from other things. So, the children said they will fast from watching cartoons, snacks, and biting nails. We talk about it during iftar which is when we break our fast at sunset. Very great conversations to hear the point of view of the youth.

For me it’s been amazing by showing how much I need to work in to get to that next level of my Islamic life. One thing I realized is this year it became easier to not drink and or eat. So, my discipline has been raised to another level and that helps me to be a better man and to endure struggle until relief comes.


"There is weight that you are carrying that should be lost on the physical side but the weight that should be lost is the weight of sin that has burdened us and keeps us bound to negativity and to disease. It is sin that is the great burden of humanity today. It is our loss of closeness to Allah. So, this great opportunity to fast particularly during the Month of Ramadan is a fast to draw us closer to Allah that we may find the discipline and strength to cast off the unnecessary burden of sin."

--The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

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Have you ever fasted during Ramadan?

Are you willing to fast with me next year?