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Slavery and Religion

When doing the history on slavery in America


It was so-called Christians and Jews that agreed with our enslavement and tampered with the scriptures and interpretations to justify that slavery.

Then engaged in breaking the divine laws and standards they claimed to uphold

The only way they could do that was to make us (black ppl) less than human, so they classified us as property, like cattle.

Then after doing that for a few hundred years, they decided it was ok to make us Christians while still being their slaves.

That takes wickedness to the level of the devil. According to the Bible, Jesus said the devil is a liar and a murderer.

The slave masters and those that benefited from slavery are devils.

So in knowing this, how can people still accept these religions knowing they were used as tools to justify genocide and slavery?

Can we separate these religions from the ones that used them in a wicked way to commit genocide and enslave people?

Can we use these religions to give life and liberate people?


What are your thoughts?...