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Starting my LLC, making more products and content

Slowly but surely I'm trying to monetize myself and becoming an entrepreneur. With family, work and being a registered Muslim in the Nation of Islam, the struggle for balance is very hard. I started this journey of becoming a blog writer with plans to make content and to gain a following that would like and agree with my perspective.




During the pandemic and being single I had nothing but time in 2020. But once I started looking for a wife I found one and then moved and got married.

Time is really something I don't have much of anymore as a man, husband and father of 7. Adjusting continues because more resources are needed to provide and protect my family and as a man I want to do that to the best of my ability. So multiple streams of income are needed. I have a lot of ideas on content and products to do that. But the time to focus on those things is very slim. Especially when you don't want to neglect your spiritual growth/work and your family.