The Enemies You Don't See

This post was motivated by the attack on black celebrities by enemy forces that don't like it when celebrities agree or bear witness to the truth of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s teachings. The real big enemy doesn't come out front; they send others to do their dirty work, willing, unwillingly, or even unwittingly.


In this case, it was Jemele Hill in the article she wrote for The Atlantic titled "The Anti-Semitism We Didn't See" on 7/13/20. She posted it on her twitter. I read it and replied with a series of tweets. They’re compiled below.

I read the column with your statement that reads "But with Farrakhan’s long, vile record of anti-Semitism..." Shows you fell for the propaganda too because like The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s enemies, you didn’t provide any proof of this claim and slander a righteous man. So I have a few questions, what facts do you have on @LouisFarrakhan that made you write that? And since there are non, why would you write this openly about a man that is not? What was your motive for doing so? Or who motivated you to do so? Your column title with a pic of @DeSeanJackson10 and @LouisFarrakhan put me on alert because I knew where this was going. Writing about @DeSeanJackson10’s misquote of Hitler is understandable because there is no proof he said it or felt that way. Then you flip it and misrepresent @LouisFarrakhan with the statement "But with Farrakhan’s long, vile record of anti-Semitism…,” never showing any proof of this so-called long vile record. So where is this record you speak of so it can be vetted? Since there isn't one, all you can do is disagree with @LouisFarrakhan’s position of correcting and exposing the wicked so-called jews, teaching on who the real Jews are, and that black people are the chosen of God according to the Torah Bible and Quran. That's a theological argument, The Honoarble Minister Louis Farrakhan and The Nation Of Islam have been challenging any scholar of religion on. Especially the @ADL and their companion organizations, who have been running away from this showdown in front of the world for decades. In closing, don't be a propaganda agent for the enemies of black people. If you don't understand our position just call @LouisFarrakhan, @TheFinalCall or @MosqueMaryam to find out for yourself, we have a library of proof on our final call store online to back up our claims.


Why would The Atlantic Editor in chief clear this article with the lie label of “anti-semitic” on The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan? When you go on their Masthead, the Chairman is David Bradley and the Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg according to the about page is a correspondent for The New Yorker, The New York Times and a writer for Jewish Daily Forward and the Jerusalem Post, plus he received the 2005 anti-defamation League Daniel Pearl Prize. The Jerusalem Post and, Jewish Daily Forward (The Forward) and the ADL promote the propaganda against The Honorable Minister of labeling him “anti-semitic”.

They are the enemy you don't see, because they can control the media from so high up that you can’t see them. Just see an article from a contributing writer that you may or may not know and they drop seeds of deceit against the enemies of their bosses. You may say well it's so many articles he may not have seen it. Ok but it's the 5th most popular article on the website when I scroll through the home page. So he knows it's there, why didn't he ask for that to be corrected? Or ask for the proof of that claim? Or is he ok with that lie being spread? How does he really feel about the truth The minister is teaching? Does he care if the reader knows the truth? I’m asking him these questions because the Editor in Chief has the final say on what gets published. If they allow or encourage this type of stuff that makes them an enemy of truth and need to be exposed so those under you can know who they are working for so they can make a choice if they want to continue working for the enemy. This goes for any media company.


Here is a clip of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan talking to The National Association of Black Journalists that is still fitting today:


Here is another link to a podcast done by Vicki Dillard in reply to Jemele Hill, she goes in to more details:


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