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The Farrakhan Effect

This post is a reaction to The Honorable minister Louis Farrakhan July 4th message to the world because a lot of what he said is coming pass


Covid -19 is raging on and also the enemies of black liberation are showing their faces. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan plays a big role in both because he is exposing Satan and teaching why the world is in the shape it's in according to the scriptures and prophecies.

His July 4th address set it all off on the world stage - views are well over 1 million now and counting. Because multiple people watched on the same device.

He touched on why the scientists can't handle this virus because its not from them - it’s pestilence from heaven and they will have to repent before God will stop his chastisement on the earth. He ask God to make Florida suffer because of the embargo they have on Cuba since Fidel kicked out the corrupt white Cubans that were there, but Cuba has a vaccine that works and they are only 90 miles away and the US govt refuses to reach out to them to help its suffering citizens.

(To hear The Minister words on this play the video clips below)


That's also tied to population control because the wicked rich feel there are too many people in the world and need to cut down on the growing population. An example of that is Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates.

The minister also called out Satan by name. Mr. Dershowitz and Mr. Greenblatt “ You are Satan”. Satan is one that uses their power to deceive the masses of the population with lies and tricks. Truth is the weapon The Minister Louis Farrakhan uses on these satanic forces so that the people may know who they are. The enemy showing up trying to deceive our people even more. They are using the empathy card and their influence is the media and in corporations to twist the facts.(The minister clip of this is below)