The Government is pushing hard

In the past few weeks the president's administration has been making some very interesting moves. A lot of executive orders are coming down the line, with a strong tone to double down on what they are doing and why.



There are states, companies, unions, and employees pushing back on these mandatory vaccine policies, even walkouts. On the other side, some comply with it because of social and economic cut-off - if you don’t get vaccinated or trust in the info being put out about the vaccines and covid. But even those that argue with getting the vaccine are not liking it to be a mandatory policy from the federal govt forcing them to do something they have the choice to do on their own.


Below is a link to the white house website showing all the president’s actions. You will be surprised at the language in them. The promise of the change of attitude in the white house was promoted during the campaign last year. Not even a year in, we see something different even resembling the last administration of their use of executive power.



This is just more evidence for me that total faith should not be in a government you don’t have the power to control once they get in, especially with their history of lies and tricks with a smile.

What are your thoughts on this?

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